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Granite Rock Candy

Lesson:  Granite, a type of igneous rock, is formed when melted rock cools and solidifies. Melted rock may come in the form of magma, when it is found underneath the Earth’s surface. It can also come in the form of lava, when it is released unto the Earth’s surface during a volcanic eruption.

The process of heating and cooling the water/sugar solution is similar to the formation of granite, which is formed when hot melted rock cools and solidifies.  

What you will need:

1 wood skewer
1-2 clothespin
1 cup of water
2 – 3 cups of sugar
1 tall, narrow glass jar
*narrow enough so that the clothespin can lay across the opening without falling in.
may also clip together two clothespin to hold the skewer in place.

For color and flavor, add some dry powdered Kool-Aid. 

To make colored/flavored crystals, you can add food dye/flavoring when you add the sugar. 


  1. Clip the clothespin onto the wood skewer. Allow the skewer to hand in the middle of the glass jar, but do not let it touch the bottom. The skewer should be approximately 1 inch from the bottom of the glass jar.

  2. Leave the clothespin attached to the skewer and remove from the glass jar.

  3. Pour water into a small sauce pan to bring to a boil.

  4. Pour ¼ of cup of sugar into the boiling water, stirring until dissolved. Repeat this process, stirring in ¼ of cup of sugar at time until all sugar has dissolved.

  5. Remove from heat and allow to cool for approximately 20 minutes.

  6. Pour the sugar solution into the glass jar until it nearly reaches the top. Place clothespin and skewer back into the glass jar. Make sure it is hanging straight down in the middle and is not touching the bottom or side of the glass jar.

  7. Allow the jar to fully cool. Place jar in safe location where it will not be disturbed or knocked over.

  8. Watch and wait. Sugar crystals will form and grow over the next 3-7 days.

Please have an adult's supervision for this activity.